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Process, Principles, and Practice
Detroit-based artist collective Complex Movements hosts Wednesday's panel. It's titled Process, Principles, and Practice, and features Seattle artists Christina Orbe, Davida Ingram, Inye Wokoma, and Ijeoma Oluo talking about the relationship between interdisciplinary art and social justice.

"They're utilizing this space to highlight their local work, discuss their art form, and articulate how it connects to social justice—not just in subject matter, but in the process, principles, and practice of developing their art," Complex Movements cohort coordinator Luzviminda "Lulu" Uzuri Carpenter told PubliCola.

Carpenter is the Founder of and Dream Member at WonderLab Culture Collective and the owner of Uzuri Consulting and ProductionsAnd, she cleverly merges creativity and activism on the airwaves with her QTPOC Hollow Earth Radio talk show, #LuluNation + #SadBoisHypeClub

With community-based galleries like the successful Black Lives Matter: Humanity Not Negotiable installment wrapping up in a couple of weeks, it'll be a great chance to get in the loop on what's next in local arts activism. 

"I am excited for this dialogue between the panelists and the audience members to open up more questions within art institutions, and on how art and social justice can be more deeply intertwined in each step of development," Carpenter said. 

Along with the Process, Principles, and Practice panel this week, you may want to see what else Complex Movements is bringing to On the Boards by checking out the Beware of the Dandelions installation before it wraps up this weekend. 

Process, Principles, and Practice, Wed, May 6, 6pm, On the Boards, 100 W Roy St, Free

For Thursday

Immigration in Context

Back in March, the Wing Luke Museum launched Belonging: Before and After the Immigration Act of 1965, an exhibit that reflects on the 50th anniversary of key immigration legislation. To fuel some of that momentum, Immigration in Context brings together a panel of scholars and activists to a discussion about immigration and how our country's attitudes have changed over time. 

Panelists include Soya Jung of Changelab, Chandan Reddy from the University of Washington, Ray Corona of the DREAM Act Coalition, Maru Mora Villalpando of NWDC Resistance and Not1More, and Sandy Restrepo of Colectiva Legal del Pueblo. That's a lot of amazing activists in one place—and it's free, but make sure to RSVP.

Immigration in Context: How the Last 50 Years Reshaped U.S. Politics, Economy, and Culture, Thu, May 7, 6pm, Wing Luke Museum, 719 S King St, Free with RSVP

Advance Notice for May 20

Terrorism, Propaganda, and U.S. Middle Eastern Policy

Al Jazeera's 2013 documentary series The Secret of the Seven Sisters taught us that the Middle East has been caught in a power struggle ever since oil was discovered. Terrorism, Propaganda, and U.S. Middle Eastern Policy features journalist David Barsamian, who has some perspective on the United States' role in modern oil imperialism. 

He'll tackle historical factors shaping conflicts in Iraq, previous U.S. interventions, and Washington-backed regimes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt, focusing in on propaganda and policy-based justifications that conceal overseas motives. Learn what's really up in the Middle East, and how we can challenge the media status quo. 

Terrorism, Propaganda, and U.S. Middle Eastern Policy, Wed, May 20, 7pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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