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Breaking: How Each Council Member Voted Behind the Scenes on Vacancy Applicants

How the council voted to fill Sally Clark's vacancy

By Josh Feit April 22, 2015

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As I reported in Fizz: Under pressure from Beacon Hill activist Roger Pence (and Fizz), city council president Tim Burgess has now decided to release how each council member voted during the behind-closed-doors process to move eight names forward out of the 43 applicants.

Burgess sent me the following account this morning:

Finalists with Council Members Who Recommended as Finalist
April 20, 2015

  1. Jan Drago (Godden, Harrell, Rasmussen)
  2. Noel Frame (Bagshaw, Burgess, Godden, Licata, Rasmussen, O’Brien)
  3. Sharon Lee (Harrell, Rasmussen, Sawant)
  4. Sharon Maeda (Harrell, O’Brien, Licata, Sawant)
  5. David Moseley (Bagshaw, Burgess, Godden, Rasmussen)
  6. John Okamoto (Bagshaw, Burgess, Godden, Harrell, Licata, O’Brien, Rasmussen)
  7. Sheley Secrest (Harrell, O’Brien, Sawant)
  8. Alec Stephens (Burgess, Harrell, O’Brien)

All applicants who had three or more council members recommending them as finalists were included in the motion designating the finalists.

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