For Friday

Citizen University Annual Conference

This annual national civic conference is bringing together hundreds of activists from across the country to create political networks for change. Citizen University, which brings together civic organizations and puts out educational tools like this TED-Ed about power structures, has curated a lecture series about Citizen Power. In the shadow of #BlackLivesMatter, Ferguson, and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, this year's conference will hit hot-topic issues like immigrant rights, voting reform, civic education, and the arts.

Fuel (or rekindle) your revolutionary spirit! Speakers include local activist Jazmine Cañez of Women of Color for Systemic Change and Barbie Danielle-Decarlo, coproducer of Snohomish County's KSER radio show Color CommentaryRegister beforehand to be apart of this two day event. 

Citizen University Annual Conference, Fri–Sat, Mar 20 & 21, Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion, 298 Second Ave N, $75–$200 

For Sunday

206 Zulu Community Outreach Orientation

We all know that since its inception, hip-hop has been a movement in close conversation with politics, activism, and history. The local chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation's Community Outreach Orientation is calling upon educators, lawyers, journalists, organizers, DJs, emcees, students (you name it!), to collaborate on changemaking and empowerment within Seattle's hip-hop scene. You're invited to learn about 206 Zulu's history, projects, and programs. It'll be a great opportunity for all kinds of folks to learn about the Universal Zulu Nation's 40-plus year history, as well as what the Seattle chapter is up to next. 

206 Zulu Community Outreach Orientation, Sun, Mar 22, 5:30pm, Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave, Free

For Monday

Unpacking the Myths of Free Trade

Last January marked the 20th anniversary of NAFTA, which invites us to reflect on its effect on American manufacturing, workforce, agriculture, and the like. We can guess it's made a huge impact, like increasing trade with Canada and Mexico three and a half fold to $1.2 trillion, for one. Former Michigan U.S. representative David Bonior will head up the panel (he was a NAFTA detractor when it passed during the early Clinton years) and will tackle NAFTA, its impacts, and how the monumental legislation has influenced Washington’s transpacific trade politics.

The panel will be moderated by the Seattle Globalist’s Signe Predmore and will focus in on Washington’s current economy and trade politics, and the future of free trade.

Unpacking the Myths of Free Trade, Mon, Mar 23, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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