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Building a Narrative with Seattle

The language of a geographic location, urban or otherwise, so often finds its way into the work of artists living there. Seattle (and the northwest) as a character is featured explicitly in the works of novelist Tom Robbins as well as poets Sherman Alexie and Kathleen Flenniken (to name only a few). The city of course also influences in less direct ways throughout the work of countless other artists, living and deceased.

The Seattle Architecture Foundation's lecture series, Design in Depth, explores how the art derived from the region helps shape the narrative of the region itself. The first talk, Building a Narrative in Seattle, speaks specifically on writers who use Seattle as inspiration, story setting, or both.

Building a Narrative with Seattle, Thu, Feb 12, 6:30pm, Town Hall, 11109 Eighth Ave, $20

For Thursday (Extra Cal)

WTA Tourism Summit

This is not a local event, but it certainly concerns Seattleites. Like it or not, tourism dollars are important to the city, particularly with regard to growing Chinese tourism market (prompting Delta Airlines to open up nonstop service from Sea-Tac to Shanghai this past summer).

The fifth annual Washington Tourism Alliance Tourism Summit convenes in Olympia tomorrow to discuss how private sector can and should work together in absence of a state-wide tourism department (which closed in 2011). Specifically, what would a coordinated tourism marketing strategy look like?

Keynote speakers include Chris Thompson, President and CEO of Brand USA, and Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon. If they are going to invite Davidson, why not include Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein? Portlandia has got to be up there with the top contributors to Oregon tourism profits.

WTA Tourism Summit, Thu, Feb 12, 1:30pm, Washington Center for Performing Arts, Olympia,

For Friday

Youth Bike Summit

The Youth Bike Summit is a national conference that brings together all sorts of requisite parties in bike advocacy and education. The summit aims to be the rallying point (if such a thing is possible for a community so large) for grassroots action with regard to making bicycles a viable and safe form of urban transportation.

For the past four years, the touchstone event of the summit has been held in NYC. This year Seattle gets to fly the flag. This weekend, venues throughout southeast Seattle and Columbia City play host to various lectures, workshops, and networking events. Things kick off with Friday's welcome dinner. Saturday's keynote features Mayor Murray, US Olympic cyclist Jennie Reed, and more.

Youth Bike Summit, Feb 13–15, Various Locations (Columbia City and SE Seattle)

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