PubliCalendar: What Causes Runaway Inequality?

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By Darren Davis January 30, 2015

For Friday

Understanding Inequality in America and the World

For James K. Galbraith, University of Texas professor and author of The End of Normal, economic inequality is perpetuated by a snowball effect: as income inequality grows, it destabilizes the economy at-large, leading to "runaway inequality," the widening gap between the wealthy and poor we are experiencing today.

Galbraith takes a step back to analyze the root cause of America's current economic trends, and help carve a path for workaday citizens to push back against the growing tide of inequality.

Understanding Inequality in America and the World, Fri, Jan 30, 7:30pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

For Saturday

Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America 

Frederick Law Olmsted is considered by many to be the father of landscape architecture in America. Having co-designed many urban parks, most notably Central Park in NYC, his fingerprints are all over our urban identity. He also has a particular connection to Seattle, as his sons were contracted by the city in the early 1900s to essentially design the entirety of the our park system, employing a new concept of "urban recreation."

Olmsted is exactly the kind of American figure PBS loves to cover. Their documentary, Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America, is a look into the life of the man who helped forge the idea of the American municipal park.

The screening is followed by a discussion with historian Laurence Cotton, who consulted on the film

Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America, Sat, Jan 31, 2pm, Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, Free

For Monday

Streetcar Fare Change Public Meeting

Someone over at Seattle Streetcar had a great idea: lower the streetcar fare from $2.50 to $2.25 in order to make it consistent with light rail services. Genius! This change will be part of the larger Metro fare changes planned for March 2015, which include the new Low Income Adult fare to streetcar passengers. 

A public meeting is scheduled to discuss these new changes. If you cannot attend the meeting and feel very strongly about the 25-cent dip in streetcar fare, or any of the other proposed changes, feel free to submit impassioned, prosy comments via the streetcar comment form. Comments will be accepted through February 9.

Streetcar Fare Change Public Meeting, Mon, Feb 2, 5pm, City Hall, 600 Fourth Ave, Free

Advance Notice for February 4

February Civic Cocktail

Higher education is the primary topic of February's Civic Cocktail, presented by CityClub, Crosscut and Seattle Channel. Washington State University president Elson Floyd will discuss education funding under Supreme Court mandate.

Floyd is joined by Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Medina) and Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41, Mercer Island), who will forecast the issues Washington state legislators will undoubtedly squabble over in the coming months.

February Civic Cocktail, Wed, Feb 4, 6pm, Tom Douglas Palace Ballroom, 2100 Fifth Ave, $25

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