For Wednesday

The Evolution of Iran

Nazila Fathi's book The Lonely War is both political and personal. An exiled Iranian journalist, Fathi provides an insider's look at the shifting economic, cultural, and political environment in Iran—from the 1979 revolution through 2009's election protests—and shares her forecast for the storied nation.

A mix of personal testimony, history, and interviews with all walks of Iranian life, The Lonely Warattempts to lift the veil and enhance our understanding of a complex, shifting cultural climate.

The Evolution of Iran, Wed, Jan 28, 7:30pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

For Thursday

Who's At Risk for Homelessness?

Take a sample size of homeless youth in King County and you might find a disproportionate number of them are African-American and/or LGBT. Roughly two-thirds of homeless youth belong in one of both of these groups, a percentage much higher than their percentage in the larger community. The reasons for this discrepency, and it is a persistent one, are worth examining.

And so the discrepancy will be examined, this time by a panel of experts including Shannon Perez-Darby, youth services program director at the Northwest Network, Eleta Wright of Auburn Youth Resources, and Megan Gibbard from the Committee to End Homelessness in King County.

Who's At Risk for Homelessness?, Thu, Jan 29, 6pm, Crosscut Office, 105 South Main Street–Suite 330, Free

Advance Notice for February 5

Seattle City Council District 1: First Look

The communities of West Seattle and South Park are about to get their first official seat on the Seattle City Council, and at least three candidates want that seat. Do they want it enough to partake in a winner-take-all midnight death match? Almost certainly not. Enough to share a stage for an introductory community forum? Absolutely.

The three official candidates (Amanda Kay Helmick, Chas Redmond, and George Capestany) will field questions suggested by West Seattle Blog readers, as well as partake in an audience Q & A session. The event will be moderated by WSB editor Tracy Record.

But what's going to change, really, when District 1 already had representation in councilmember, local Tom Rasmussen? "He has not by any measure been West Seattle-centric," says Record, pushing back on my assertion that Rasmussen was a 'de facto' West Seattle councilmember. "This is the first time West Seattle and South Park will have a city councilmember it can hold accountable for this area's unique challenges and concerns in a time of transition."

Seattle City Council District 1: First Look, Thu, Feb 5, 7pm, Highland Park Improvement Club, 1116 SW Holden, Free

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