Kenneth Bae  After serving two years in a North Korea prison for allegedly planning a religious coup, the Lynnwood man is free and plotting to invade Russia with genetically modified dolphins.

Alison Holcomb  The architect of Washington’s legal pot law is going national, heading the ACLU’s push to reduce the prison population. Next step: Figuring out that whole “world peace” thing.

DeAndre Yedlin  The Sounders FC’s stylishly coiffed, homegrown star could jump to the English Premier League in January. We hate to see him go, but we’ll send care packages full of gel and hair dye.

Courtney Love  On the heels of playing a schoolteacher in Sons of Anarchy, she stars in FOX’s new music-label drama, Empire, as a “hard rocker.” Because she wanted a challenge.

Tim Cook  Not content to rule Silicon Valley, Cook and Apple have opened an engineering office in Microsoft’s backyard. There’s only one way to settle this nerd turf war: Words with Friends—to the death!

Patti Smith  The arts hyphenate has said she wants to be “a thorn in the side of everything.” After 30-plus years of music, painting, and poetry, we still enjoy the pain. (Moore Theatre, Jan 19)

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