For Tuesday

Town Hall on Gender Pay Equity

Seattle is not an exception to the gender pay gap. According to U.S. census data, women in Seattle make 73 percent of what men do. That's compared to the national average, 78 percent,  and less than our local average from the previous year, which was 79 percent. 

The Seattle City Council, state Rep. Tana Senn (D-41, Mercer Island), Moms Rising, The Economic Opportunity Institute and others present this Town Hall-style discussion aimed at debunking the myths and explaining the harsh truths behind the struggle for gender pay equality.

Town Hall on Gender Pay Equity, Tues, Dec 2, 5:30pm, Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, 104 17th Ave S, Free

For Wednesday

Democracy Needs You!

This call to action is actually a U.W. campus seminar put on by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ People’s Academy for Community Engagement. Think of it as Schoolhouse Rock for grownups, in which professor and activist extraordinaire Nancy Amidei covers the functions of the three branches of government and offers five specific advocacy tools.

If you want to have an opinion about (dis)function of your government, let alone attempt to improve upon it in some way, you should at least know how things work behind the scenes.

Democracy Needs You!, Wed, Dec 3, U.W. School of Social Work, 4101 15th Ave NE, Free

Advanced Notice for December 8

Penny U: Imagining Tomorrow's Work

The final installment of the Penny University series covers the changing nature of work in our economy. While these sort of debates often feature truisms like, "We used to make things in this country," this cross-disciplinary conversation will dive a little bit deeper into economic inequality and an American population in the midst of demographic shifts. 

Penny U: Imagining Tomorrow's Work, Mon, Dec 8, 5:30pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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