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2014 has been the year of task forces for new Mayor Ed Murray. His latest one, his affordable housing task force, or officially, the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda task force (HALA), is currently meeting to solve Seattle's latest pressing problem, skyrocketing rents.

We've assembled a task force of our own, made up of 15 of this city's most important (largely behind-the-scenes) players.

It's our "Super Task Force," if you will.

These are all-star folks from 2014 who demonstrated leadership, expertise, action, and thankfully, a little contrarianism, on a range of issues from the glass ceiling to police accountability to transportation to education to, well, affordable housing. We'd like to lock all of them in a room in 2015 and force them to write a unified-theory white paper for the mayor on how to make Seattle great.

We've come up with a task force of our own.

The list includes: Seattle Department of Transportaton traffic engineer extraordinaire Dongho Chang (the data says fewer lanes for cars works), Ada Developers Academy's Elise Worthy (women can code, too), SPD officer Felix Reyes (we went with a cop for police reform), and several other game-changers.

You can pick up the January issue of Seattle Met on newsstands now and read all about these VIPs and their ideas for improving the city.


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