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Forget About 2014, It's Time for the 2015 City Council Races

Holcomb out, Johnson In?

By Josh Feit November 7, 2014

1. Alex Tsimerman, the incorrigible constant presence during public testimony at every city council meeting where he berates council members with swear words and stream of consciousness diatribes about their "Nazi" agendas (he typically ends his testimony with a heil Hitler salute), has filed to run for one of the two at-large council positions in next year's council race. Tsimerman, who identifies with the tiny group known as Stand Up America, is running against City Council president Tim Burgess in at-large Position 8.

Alex Tsimerman

Tsimerman's colleague Sam Bellomio [above left] ran as as Stand Up America candidate in 2013 against City Council member Sally Bagshaw getting 15.22 percent. 

Tsimerman was recently banned from council meetings for being disruptive, but persisted by marching in the hallway next to council chambers, where he held his sign up through the wall of windows stage right of the dais. 

2. The Stranger's Slog had the news yesterday afternoon that ACLU star Alison Holcomb has decided not to challenge socialist City Council star Kshama Sawant. Holcomb, well-known for leading the fight to legalize marijuana, was seen as a formidable challenger, though Sawant has sky-high favorable ratings in her district, the 3rd City Council District which stretches from the Montlake cut southeast to just south of I-90.  

Holcomb, name-checked in yesterday's New York Times, is instead going to be running the ACLU's $50 million effort, courtesy of George Soros to end mass incarcerations by changing mandatory sentencing laws at the local level.

3. In the 4th City Council district, which stretches from the Montlake cut through the U. District and Roosevelt and northeast through fancy neighborhoods like Wedgwood over to Magnuson Park and Sand Point Country Club, we're expecting two challengers to incumbent City Council member Jean Godden to start rolling out their campaigns in next week or so. 

One, already officially in, is Democratic activist Michael Maddux. The other,  getting ready to announce, is Transportation Choices Coalition leader Rob Johnson.

In the wings, Transportation Choices Coalition leader Johnson with Mayor Murray on Election Night

Johnson, who seems to have Mayor Murray's network of consultants and supporters in on Johnson's pending campaign, got a big boost this week when Prop 1 (the Metro funding measure) won because A) TCC gets much of the credit for putting together the broad coalition that ran Prop 1 and B) Johnson got to introduce Mayor Murray at the raucous Prop 1 victory party on Capitol Hill on Tuesday night.

Johsnon is expected to have big institutional and name support, perhaps even openly from Murray himself, which would would be a startling turn of events in Seattle given that Godden is running for reelection. 


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