1. Fizz LIKES that Washington (and especially Seattle) voters continue to prove that they're not a gullible lot. 

The convoluted contest between Prop 1A and Prop 1B—at a cursory glance, two do-gooder liberal measures gone wrong and down the rabbit hole—could have left generic voters scratching their heads and voting 'No' and good riddance on both.

Not in Seattle, where, wow, Prop 1B, the substantive funded choice to provide preschool slots for kids, got nearly 70 percent vs. the heavy handed union power play, Prop 1A, which is losing badly at 31.8 percent. Serious kudos to Seattle voters for delving into the details and catching on. 

Two do-gooder liberal measures gone wrong and down the rabbit hole.

Similarly, statwide voters weighed in correctly on two obscure "Advisory Votes," Advisory Vote No. 8 & Advisory Vote No. 9.

Both, despite the heavy-handed ballot wording ("without a vote of the people"), are winning—53.5 to 46.5 and 54.69 to 45.31 respectively, undoing Tim Eyman's ploy. (Non-binding advisory votes like these are a result of Eyman's otherwise now-deemed unconstitutional, two-thirds-to-raise-taxes initiatives). Advisory Votes are essentially polling, paid for by the state, to intimidate legislators by showing them how much voters resent them for closing tax loopholes (raising taxes) or imposing new taxes. In this case, voters approved.  No. 8 gets rid of a tax break for the marijuana industry saving the state $25 million over ten years and No. 9 imposed a tax on tribal property bringing in $1.3 million in "government spending" as the biased (but unconvincing)loaded language had it. 

2.  Fizz DISLIKES, though, that on one measure, I-1351, voters fell for it. Smaller class sizes! Sounds good. But—read our "Vote No" endorsement here for the nuanced chicanery of a $5 million union campaign to force a budget line item in K-12 funding that will add $4 billion to the McCleary tab. 

The measure—with a late jolt from King County voters, snuck ahead last night by 4,473 votes after trailing all week. It's now ahead: 50.14 to 49.86. 

What Fizz LIKES about 1351's tepid standing, though is this: As opposed to the October polling that had the feel-good measure coasting in to victory at 66 percent, 1351 is stumbling in to "victory." The so-so win for something that voters were supposed to consider a No-brainer may actually cause the political ploy to backfire by giving legislators a $4 billion undfunded mandate that's not even a mandate. The worst of both worlds for everybody involved. 

3. Finally, in the non-election category: Fizz LIKES that we can reverse a DISLIKE we published last week, when we criticized SDOT's well-intentioned, but flawed data "Dashboard" for not having live data. (The SDOT Dashboard allows the public to click on SDOT goals and get metrics on how the city is doing when it comes to providing transportation service and infrastructure.) Our complaint: Seeing stats on how good the city is doing when you may be stuck in traffic or don't know if there are any Pronto bikes or carshares available is akin to reading the morning paper in an online world.


But check it out:  SDOT has developed a "Travelers Information Map" with real time data about commutes. The service will eventually include "transit screens" on ferries, carsharing, and biksharing. 




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