Lena Dunham  
The Girls star just released Not That Kind of Girl, but we’re hoping she’s the kind to blow her $3.5 million book advance on really good champagne. To share. (University Temple United Methodist Church, Oct 18

Satya Nadella  
 The Microsoft boss was doused in ice water to raise awareness for ALS, then challenged fellow CEOs Jeff Bezos and Larry Page. Now we know what pledge season would look like at the world’s nerdiest frat.  

Susie Lee   Her mobile dating app, Siren, is like a Tinder where only women make the first move; the mythological -sirens would approve, then bombard Odysseus with private messages.

Kenny Loggins   Since the ’80s-movie-soundtrack king was born in Everett, there’s a good chance the “highway to the danger zone” was actually I-5 to the 405 interchange. (Snoqualmie Casino, Oct 19)

Linda Nageotte   Having scored a $1 million donation from Boeing CEO Ray Conner, her Food Lifeline nonprofit can feed five times as many kids. Should’ve asked for a 737 while she was at it.

Nate Robinson   Did the NBA point guard launch Nate’s Wings and Waffles next to Rainier Beach High School as payback for all the school lunches he endured at his alma mater?