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Conservative Opinion Writer Out at Seattle Times

The day's winners and losers.

By Afternoon Jolt September 29, 2014

Erik Smith, the former workhorse reporter at the conservative state politics blog the Washington State Wire, who took a job at the Seattle Times opinion page just six months ago, has been let go. 

We can't get much from anybody on the record, beyond the Seattle Times' simple confirmation. 

"Erik Smith is no longer writing for our opinion page," spokeswoman Jill Mackie told Jolt. 

Smith's final byline appeared last week when he wrote on the Times' politics blog about liberal Seattle State Sen. Jamie Pedersen's (D-43, Capitol Hill) stand against I-1351, the teachers' union's class size initiative.

Smith's picture disappeared from the Times' web site over the weekend and his name doesn't appear on the list of ed board members on their latest batch of endorsements, Sunday's picks for the Washington State Supreme Court

Oddly, that editorial actually sounds like Smith. 


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