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1. You know who's kicking themselves after this week's primary election? The Democratic allies—the unions and other Democratic interest groups who divvy up dollars to fund independent expenditure campaigns.

Check it out: Republican interest groups (including the builders association, the Realtors association, the restaurant association, and the ed reformers at Stand for Children, plus the GOP's own senate caucus) bolstered Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-35, Potlatch), the dissident Democrat who caucuses with the Republicans to give the GOP a slim majority. The collection of conservative groups spent $170,000 on cable TV and online ads and campaigning to make sure Sheldon got through the primary against a Republican challenger and a bona fide Democratic challenger.


Had Irene Bowling, the genuine Democrat who won the primary, faced the Republican in the general election, the primary numbers indicate she would have won in the blue-leaning 35th, swing turf in Kitsap, Mason, and Thurston Counties.

The Democratic allies, however, spent just a tenth of what the GOP allies spent...

Bowling got 35 percent of the vote to Sheldon's 33. The Republican candidate, Travis Coutoure, got 31 percent. That 31 percent now goes directly to conservative Sheldon in the general, giving him a huge advantage over Bowling. If the general had been a face-off between Bowling and Coutoure, however, Bowling would have picked up much of Sheldon's default Democratic vote, giving her a big advantage to build on her first place finish for a November win and a Democratic majority in the senate. 

The Democratic allies, however, spent just a tenth of what the GOP allies spent, putting $18,000 into phone calls for Bowling. 

2. Here's a follow-up to Casey's story yesterday about the city council resolution to end the FDA ban on gay blood donors: An email from Mayor Ed Murray and the Puget Sound Blood Center that went out to city staffers yesterday asking them to participate in next week's blood drive came with a giant aside: 

However, the City recognizes that current federal regulations on blood donation established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exclude men who have sex with men from donating blood.  The City of Seattle opposes this regulation, as it is founded on outdated science and perpetuates inaccurate stereotypes about gay and bisexual men.  The City of Seattle has lobbied for the FDA to change its policies, and will continue to do so until these policies are changed.

3. Speaking of Mayor Murray, his purloining of city council staff continues as newly-appointed Deputy Mayor Kate Joncas gets in on the bonanza. Joncas stole council member Tom Rasmussen's longtime aide, lead policy staffer Brian Hawksford, who will be special assistant to Joncas as department liaison for operations. 

Hawksford, who ran an investment consulting firm for 11 years before joining Rasmussen's staff, joins Ben Noble (Murray's Budget Director) Mike Fong (Murray's Deputy Director of Policy), Kathy Nyland (Murray's adviser on neighborhoods and land use issues) Carlo Caldirola-Davis (a mayor's office policy adviser and labor liaison), John McCoy (a Murray budget lead), Christa Valles (Murray's gender equity policy lead in human resources) and Susana Serna (a Murray budget staffer) as ex-council staff who've jumped from the second floor to the seventh floor.

4. Speaking of which: The theory on the second floor about Murray's second-floor raid is that he's really got his hopes pinned on council member Sally Clark for the permanent Human Services Department Director gig—thus the rumors Murray staff are floating that former mayor Mike McGinn is thinking of running against Clark in her now-planned bid for one of the at-large seats next year.  

... Rumors, by the way, that sources very close to the former mayor tell Fizz are total tommyrot. 

5. File this one under, Isn't it Weird That... 

With council member Kshama Sawant's latest hire—and man, she's had a lot of staff already for a first term (first-year) council member—the list of young white guy hires grows: Adam, Stefan, Philip, Ben, Ted, Clay, Josh ...

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