Goran Sparrman, the acting director at the Seattle Department of Transportation, who stepped in after Mayor Ed Murray fired former Mayor Mike McGinn's transportation head Peter Hahn, sent an email to SDOT staffers this afternoon announcing his resignation.

Sparrman, who had been Hahn's deputy, was in the running for the permanent position, but Murray ended up going with Scott Kubly, the former assistant director in D.C. and Chicago.

In that context, Sparrman's announcement isn't a surprise.

But it certainly counts as a mini-jolt to the transportation nerd staffers at the city who respect Sparrman as a hyper competent planner and engineer who, as evidenced largely by his 10-year stand as Bellevue's DOT director fighting for light rail on the Eastside, has a reputation as a green.

Here's his email:   

Dear Colleagues,

I want to let you all know that I have regretfully made the decision to leave SDOT and the City of Seattle. It was a difficult decision but I feel that I am ready for at least one more professional challenge in my career. I want you to know that I have greatly enjoyed my three years with SDOT and have come to know and respect many of you. I sincerely believe the City and SDOT is very fortunate to have such a skilled and dedicated staff, and I commend you for your hard work and commitment to provide excellent transportation services to the community. The City of Seattle needs a multimodal, well integrated  and sustainable transportation system, but there are, of course, many difficult issues ranging from funding constraints to project and program execution that must be addressed. I am confident that you will be successful in meeting those and other challenges in the years ahead and will continue to help ensure that the City of Seattle has a bright future.

My last day with the City will be in late September but I plan to use my accrued vacation time before I start my next role so you will only see me around for the next few weeks. I hope to have the opportunity to cross paths with you again and since I plan to stay in the Seattle area I am confident that this will happen. I want you to know that  it has been my  great privilege to have had the opportunity to work with you all for the last few years.

With my very best wishes to you all!



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