1. Seattle Transit Blog has the news that the Seattle City Council has decided to put off a decision on the downtown streetcar connector, which would link up the First Hill streetcar and the South Lake Union streetcar. 
According to STB, council member Nick Licata requested a delay to the approval because he wanted the city's department of transportation to consider "alternate modes and what other projects might be eligible for Federal Small Starts funding." The city's preferred alternative is a center-of-the-road lne with dedicated right-of-way and ten-minute headways. 

2. Towleroad reports on Washington state's LGBT couples who are opting out of marriage, which became automatic for all same-sex domestic partners yesterday, when some 7,500 LGBT couples in the state suddenly found themselves officially married.

According to Towleroad, "Some 1,200 couples managed to terminate their domestic partnerships before the June 30th cutoff point, according to Washington state records. The remaining newlywed couples have the option of staying married or initiating a 90-day divorcing process." 

3. On his blog, Bill Gates writes that the world shouldn't "try to solve the problem" of climate change "on the backs of the poor," adding, "Instead of putting constraints on poor countries that will hold back their ability to fight poverty, we should be investing dramatically more money in R&D to make fossil fuels cleaner and make clean energy cheaper than any fossil fuel." 

And he has a video to make the point.  

4. Voters say Obama is the worst president in the past 70 years, the Seattle PI.com reports, and the "best" president was Ronald Reagan. Thanks, America!

(FDR was excluded from the poll, but we assume people who think Reagan rules probably wouldn't support Roosevelt's interventionist approach to government.) 

5. Finally, in OOBT's Likes and Dislikes, we dislike the fact that PRI has officially dropped "This American Life" from distribution.

But we Like: The fact that PRX (home of the wonderful show "State of the Re:Union") picks it up. More via New York Times.

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