Morning Fizz

1. Not only did socialist city council member Kshama Sawant fail to get the thumbs up on her head tax/parking tax proposal from council last week (she and fellow council leftist Nick Licata were trying to strip out the sales tax provision in the Metro funding package and replace it with their less regressive measure), but she also failed to win support for the idea from the King County Labor Council at the influential union group's meeting last week as well.

Heading into the crucial city council vote last Thursday, Sawant wanted the labor imprimatur on her proposal to give it some community cred. However, when she literally failed to put a labor imprimatur on her handouts at KCLC's Wednesday night meeting (her fliers hadn't been made by a union printer—a requirement at KCLC meetings) her leaflets were confiscated.

The non-union flier gaffe was actually just the icing on the cake; Sawant's proposal wasn't even on the table that night for a vote to begin with because the state employee affiliate that tried to submit the measure for consideration by the KCLC board on her behalf had missed the 5:00 deadline.

2. We forgot to add this on to our Likes & Dislikes on Friday: Local transit nerds, noting that former SDOT directors Peter Hahn (under Mayor Mike McGinn) and Grace Crunican (under Mayor Greg Nickels) weren't active on Twitter, liked that brand new SDOT director Scott Kubly is up on Twitter answering questions. 

Kubly is also making his opinions known. Three noteworthy tweets since coming to Seattle? 

All in on raising the minimum wage ...

 All in on taxing people on how much they drive ...

And, hmmm..., 

3. Transit nerds probably also like this news: "Total Sound Transit boardings increased by more than 8% during the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013," according to the latest report from ST. 

Leading the increase? Light rail. ... "light rail showed the largest percentage increase of any mode, with total boardings up 15% and average weekday boardings up 13%."