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Morning Fizz: Much-Deserved Neighborhood Fanfare

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By Morning Fizz June 27, 2014

For today's weekly installment of Friday "Likes and Dislikes," we're turning Fizz over to the churlish chicks at Seattlish, our favorite new-ish Seattle blog.   

1. The Ish DISLIKES that the Washington State Liquor Control Board has issued more last-minute rulings regarding marijuana-infused food products.

The new rules mandate that all marijuana-infused products, packaging and labeling must be approved by the state before sale. The rules require that packages clearly indicate that the product contains marijuana and list serving sizes, and requires facility and recipe inspections. Additionally, several categories of foods are now off-limits for marijuana infusing, including butter, canned foods, and juices. 

The regulations are meant to discourage children from accidentally, or intentionally, being lured into imbibing the devil's weed, but we got five on it that it's just another way for The Man to get between you and a cool buzz, as well as creating yet another roadblock for the already hyper-regulated and highly-taxed marijuana industry, which is estimated to garner over $500 million in tax revenues to the State in the first four years of implementation.

2. The Ish LIKES that South Park Bridge is slated to reopen on June 30, to much-deserved neighborhood fanfare. Closed in 2010, bridge renovations include realignment, a rain garden to filter water runoff, wider lanes, and safety barriers. The South Park bridge is a major connector between the South Park neighborhood and the rest of the city, and serves as an important thoroughfare for residents and business.

Mazel tov South Park.

3. Seattle's free summer meals plan began again this week, providing critical gap meals to underserved kids, who rely on school lunches during the year. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is provided by the city of Seattle, and has been a necessary part of the community since before any of us was born. Now if only the internet was a public service, to ensure that needy families could use this handy tool...

4. In other kid news, local conservative news talkingpeople literally said "the illegals are coming" this week, in reaction to the news that Joint Base Lewis-McChord might, possibly, MAYBE, possibly, TEMPORARILY house children who were detained at the US/Mexican border. Children. Who are basically orphans. Who could not be needier. But heaven forbid we each spend 20 cents more per year in taxes so that, you know, they don't die in the drug way. Dicks.

Speaking of shitty local radio...

[Seattlish didn't follow the format on the previous two items, but Fizz figures that's a Like and a Dislike.]

5. Speaking of shitty local radio, we also take issue with the assertion that Mayor Ed Murray (of whom we have not traditionally been the biggest fans) gave a "bizarre" speech when he got really real about the recent gun-related deaths in town. Murray announced his "Summer of Safety" program this week with a heartfelt speech which actively touched on serious issues, and offered some actual solutions, which we LIKE

6. What we DON'T LIKE is responses like the one from area radio host Jason Rantz, who has made a career trolling the people of Seattle, who noted that he doesn't feel unsafe in Seattle, and claimed that the mayor's statements about racism, gun violence, and poverty were "inaccurate." Rantz points out that gun violence is down—as is all violent crime in Seattle since the days of really horrible crime stats in the 80s—but at no point addresses that in our communities of color, gun violence remains a very real threat. See: Multiple shootings in the CD, Rainier Valley, and Pioneer Square. 

Reminder: Just because you don't experience a thing, doesn't mean that thing isn't a very, very real threat.


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