It's Friday Fizz. Time for our weekly Likes and Dislikes. 

1. Fizz likes that the 46th District Democrats in North Seattle, which has been an anti-Metropolitan Parks District enclave, even leading the anti-MPD campaign to claim them as supporters prior to the official endorsement vote last night, didn't have the votes yesterday to come out against the measure. 

They didn't endorse it either, but given that they passed a resolution in March by 90 percent against the then-pending plan, last night's split vote is a big win for the measure, which would replace the erratic, micro-managey, every-six-years levy plan. 

The new plan, a property tax of 37 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to raise $48 million a year and fund parks consistently, has been endorsed by the: 34th, 36th, 37th, and 43rd Democratic Legislative Districts. 

2. Fizz likes that in its annual report on pedestrian safety—or danger, Smart Growth America not only ranked Seattle third best metro area for peds in the country (and yes, we beat Portland), but, see page 28, they also went to the numbers—69 percent drop in people driving 10 mph over the speed limit, 11 percent drop in speeding overall, 10 percent drop in collisions, yet more cars, peds, and cyclists on the roadway than before the project—and cited the once-controversial NE 125th bike and ped-friendly redesign as a dramatic success.  

Sometimes you just have to respond to your gut, and in this case my gut  told me something was off.

3. And one more from North Seattle: 

Fizz doesn't like: The fact that Rick's, the infamous Lake City strip club best known for the Strippergate scandal involving its founder, Frank Colacurcio, is apparently chopping down trees on its property, to the consternation not just of local neighbors but of the city Department of Transportation's Urban Forestry Group, which is looking into the plant vandalism and may be taking action against the strip club. 

Here's the current sorry state of one of the trees outside the venue, which one neighboring landowner said was one of several trees "cut to such an extent that they will never provide a [tree] canopy, if they indeed survive":  

4. Fizz likes that local filmmaker (and former program director at the Northwest Film Forum) Adam Sekuler went public on the Stranger's Slog on Monday about Macklemore's anti-Semitic Fagin costume.

As usual when you point out anti-Semitism, the anti-Semitic backlash is loud. 

Asked about the experience, Sekuler told us yesterday afternoon:  

Sometimes you just have to respond to your gut, and in this case my gut, (I literally had a visceral reaction to that costume) told me something was off. So of course I spoke up about it. And even though there was a backlash suggesting I was the one being racist, hateful, and anti-Semitic, I stuck to what my gut was telling me and I'd do that again any day of the week. I hope that I foster space for others to do the same.

5. Finally, Fizz doesn't like that Seattle Met's founding editor in chief, Katherine Koberg, is stepping down after eight-and-a-half years running the show. She's a fantastic editor and will be missed. 

However, Fizz likes that longtime Met senior editor James Ross Gardner, 2014's first place winner for essay and commentary at the national City and Regional Magazine Awards, is taking over the reins as the new editor in chief.

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