1. Republican Pedro Celis, the former Microsoft engineer who's challenging U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-1, WA) in her first reelection bid since she won the tricky swing turf district in 2012, reports raising $202,000 from 330 donors in his first quarter of fundraising since declaring in late February.

DelBene, whose first term has been defined by her time on the house judiciary committee taking on the Obama administration over its creepy NSA program, has raised $297,640 this quarter from 615 new donors, her campaign says.

DelBene, a former Microsoft exec herself who put $2.8 million of her own money into her 2012 campaign (which she won with 54 percent), has $894,090 cash on hand (having raised $1.2 million this election cycle) and has 2,200 donors overall.

"They believe in two different gods, and we're in the Middle East."2. The campaign—backed by Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar—that's trying to overturn this year's council ordinance limiting rideshare companies to having 150 active drivers on the road at any one time, has until Thursday to turn in at least 16,000 signatures to get their repeal proposal on the ballot.

Fizz hears they already have about twice that number.

3. With a self-imposed end-of-April deadline looming (and a real deadline looming as competing sides eye the initiative calendar)—and, yes, with 15Now and a business-backed group called OneSeattle cueing up competing ballot measures—Mayor Ed Murray's minimum wage task force meets again today to try and reach a compromise.

"Tip credit" remains the intractable issue, which one task force member called religion for both sides—labor against and businesses for—saying the data is irrelevant: "They believe in two different gods, and we're in the Middle East."