Seahawks Day Edition!

(Because we here at PubliCola are nothing if not jocks.) 

1. The Tacoma News Tribune argues that the Hawks' victory brought our entire region closer together—which was literally true today, when more 700,000 fans from all over the region flooded in to Seattle for this morning's historic downtown Seattle parade.

2. Schools across the city emptied out today, the PI.com reports, as parents let their kids take the day off for the celebration—defying school superintendent Jose Banda's killjoy statement (later partly recanted) that any kids who skipped school for the parade would be marked down as "unexcused absences."

565 Seattle teachers were also absent today.

3. The Puget Sound Business Journal has video and a long report on the "unprecedented," "unbelievable record crowd" that packed into downtown Seattle for this morning's events. 

4. At the Stranger, Charles Mudede connects the dots by putting today's Seahawks celebration in the context of Seattle's sudden prominence—from the Richard Sherman uproar, to Macklemore's Grammy win, to socialist council member Kshama Sawant's State of the Union response video. 

"[H]as Seattle reached a critical point where the old city is going through a rapid transformation into something new and unknown, and all of this media excitement is a symptom of that transition?" Mudede writes. "Possibly—but there is something that connects all of these news-commanding personalities to the victory last Sunday: They are all a bit freakish, all a bit not with the American program, all a bit out there."

5. Speaking of today's parade and Macklemore: Ronan Farrow updates his status. And it has nothing to do with his sister.


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