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Afternoon Jolt: Murray Suggests Seahawks Draft Michael Sam

The day's winners and losers.

By Afternoon Jolt February 10, 2014

Afternoon Jolt

We couldn't resist the moving coming out story that hit this weekend: top NFL prospect University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam proudly told the world—and the NYT—that he was gay.

(The news, fortuitously, hit just 48 hours after we'd published an opinion piece, inspired by the sight of Seattle's gay mayor Ed Murray leading last Wednesday's Seahawks parade, urging the NFL to confront homophobia.)

And this afternoon, Murray, who led a 10-year effort to pass gay marriage in Washington state, couldn't resist suggesting Sam play for the Seahawks. In a press release issued this afternoon Murray said:

I applaud Michael Sam for his incredible courage to come out. He could – and should – become the first openly-gay NFL player in history. Who he is or who he loves shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is because he is the first to blaze this trail. The importance of his leadership on this issue cannot be understated – even as we hear about the possible reluctance of teams to take a chance on a player who happens to be gay. I hope to see Michael Sam play for a team deserving of his incredible talents—perhaps even right here in Seattle for our Super Bowl Champion Seahawks.


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