Two late Extra Fizz items from Facebook and Twitter for your Friday afternoon.

1. First, over on Twitter, a reader pointed us today to a post by Washington State Department of Transportation spokeswoman Laura Newborn, opining on former mayor Mike McGinn's policy of putting roads on "diets" (we prefer to think of them as adding capacity for more users) by replacing car lanes with bike lanes.
Newborn, who wrote the tweet back in November, before, she says, "I even applied for the WSDOT position I have now," wrote: " Dear Mr. Mayor-elect. Can we take Seattle roads off their diet now? Please?"

Newborn says she wrote the tweet "as a private citizen" and that "it has nothing to do with my work" as a spokesperson for the state transportation agency, which is currently building the largest-diameter car-only tunnel in the world.

2. Meanwhile, Seattle state Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36) let loose on his Facebook page after Elizabeth Campbell, the relentless deep-bore tunnel opponent, onetime mayoral candidate, and Carlyle constituent (she lives in Magnolia), called him a "member of the 1%."

The context, such as it was, was Carlyle's excited post announcing that his friend, former Microsoft director and big-time Obama bundler Suzan LeVine, has been appointed as U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

Campbell's oddly overheated response: 

When I read this I realized, actually had this confirmed, that Reuven is one of the "1%". Despite a history of acting the part of the common man, one only has to pick through the breadcrumb trail he has left about his life, he is very well off, highly socially and politically connected, living the dream, in part off of taxpayers' backs. He and Jeanne Kohl Welles are prime examples of One Percenter's that have captured positions of legislative power, provide nominal returns to the fundamental needs of their constituencies, but grab every opportunity to claim the opposite - that they represent the values of the 99%, that they have wholly delivered the goods for the benefit of the 99%.

And Carlyle's calm, but righteous rejoinder: 
Elizabeth, in my 5 years in office I've chosen not to respond to your inseccent assaults on my personal integrity and values. I quietely accept your unrelentingly negative rants as the price of public service. Today, however, as I celebrate my friends' honor from the president, just once, I would like to say in response to your mean-spirited post on my page that I'd appreciate if you would be so kind, gracious and considerate as to go to Hell.

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