1. As of last night, about 92,000 ballots had come in to King County Elections, which is a 22 percent turnout rate so far for Seattle.

UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect the correct primary and post-primary ballot return numbers. King County Elections has been predicting a 55 percent turnout rate, which seems likely given the current numbers, which are notably higher than where they were at this point in the primary, when about 74,000 had come in by the Monday night before election day. That also represents a 23 percent jump in ballot returns since Friday.

2. Here are some more numbers to mull over before the most important numbers of all come in: some last-minute fundraising figures from Mayor Mike McGinn and his challenger Ed Murray (in the final week of the election, the candidates are required to report donations on the day they deposit them in the bank).

McGinn reported $17,544 yesterday to Murray's $24,094, which included max-outs to Murray from Bill Gates Sr. and Costco founder and big Democratic donor James Sinegal. That's more for Murray, but not much more.

Some context: In general, Murray has been lapping McGinn in fundraising, and it's been taking McGinn a week, even a month, to post numbers in that range. Is it a sign of momentum for McGinn?

It looks that way. He had 137 donors compared to Murray's 91. And McGinn's average donation was $128 to Murray's $264.

Overall, Murray has raised $752,066 to McGinn's $448,570 and Murray has 3,113 donors to McGinn's 2,062.

Will this late sign of McGinn momentum be enough for an upset? (Murray has been leading in the polls by double digits for months.)

Some larger context: Overall, Murray has raised $752,066 to McGinn's $448,570 and Murray has 3,113 donors to McGinn's 2,062. As for their average donation, they're both below $250: Murray at $241 and McGinn at $214.

And here's some more last-minute money news: The Seattle firefighters union spent a little more than $20,000 on pro-Murray mailers to 30,000 homes while the Service Employees International Union 925 (school health and social service workers) spent about $1,600 phone banking for McGinn.

3. Speaking of fundraising, here's an "Isn't It Weird That ..." item: McGinn has gotten some great press the last few days over the fact that Comcast is a big donor to independent expenditure campaigns supporting Murray; Comcast gave $5,000 to the Seattle Chamber PAC that has given more than $60,000 to Murray independent expenditures while Comcast's own PAC, the Broadband Communications Association of Washington, has given $5,000 to a pro-Murray IE. 

As we noted, earlier in the campaign when we first reported on Comcast's contributions, McGinn is working on broadband expansion with a potential Comcast rival, an upstart company called Gigabit Squared.

Given all the mileage McGinn has gotten out of the Comcast bashing, Fizz thought this pro-McGinn ad on Comcast's homepage yesterday was pretty funny.


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