Mayor Mike McGinn was 13 points behind his challenger, state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), in early returns tonight, far more than the five-point margin his consultant John Wyble said he would need to potentially come back from behind. 

The results give Murray a commanding lead over McGinn. Asked whether the campaign planned on waiting for more votes to come in, Wyble said, "I don't think so. We're 12 points down" (13, actually).

"What we're seeing is a really strong mandate for change, a really strong mandate for Ed Murray, and a really strong mandate for moving past the divisive politics of the past four years," Murray spokesman Sandeep Kaushik said.

Asked why he thought McGinn—whose last-minute get-out-the-vote effort echoed his successful GOTV push in 2009—didn't prevail this time, Wyble said, "I think he started down a couple years ago. He fought back valiantly, but we were outspent, of course, probably 25 percent. That's real money."

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