In our double life as the news and politics editors at SeattleMet, Erica and I were tasked with writing the mayoral endorsements.

Here are some excerpts

We like McGinn:

McGinn has also expanded his green agenda to include blue—labor—support, thanks to his embrace of mandatory paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage, and (controversially) living-wage jobs at grocery chains like Whole Foods, winning him the support of several big labor unions, including the hotel workers’ union, the grocery workers, and two branches of the service workers’ union.


We like Murray:

In order to succeed, particularly on beating back global warming, Seattle will need to partner with other cities. Perfect example: Transportation planning cannot happen in isolation.

 Murray’s superpower for collaborating—yep, he got Republicans to vote for his gas tax, gay marriage, and liberal budget line items such as the Disability Lifeline—is tailor-made for the times.


We don't like Murray:

Murray lacks expertise on city issues. His proposals in Olympia on UW’s parking program and the stadium taxes diverted money from Seattle’s city budget to King County, Safeco, and the UW. And he has no executive experience—oh wait, he was cochair of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee when the Democrats lost a pivotal election... And as senate majority leader, he allowed the Republicans to take over the senate.


We don't like McGinn:

Mayor Mike McGinn spent his first year and a half in office fighting against the downtown tunnel. He lost. He spent his next year in office fighting for a downtown arena. Still no Sonics. In his spare time, he fought against a city panel’s choice of a police monitor, siding with the police department, which is accused of racial profiling and excessive use of force. He lost there too.

Cop out? After all, in a piece I published here last week I wrote this about endorsements: "You can be an objective reporter and still have an opinion. In fact, being an objective reporter leads you to having an opinion. Neutral reporters are actually committed to finding the right answer rather than to the false equivalency of he said/she said reporting."

So what gives? Why no final opinion on two candidates we've been covering for over a year?

Well, there are only two of us. So, no tiebreaker.

Our Met piece begins like this:

Here’s how awesome Seattle is: We have two very qualified candidates running for mayor. Seriously, we’ve got an urban, bike-riding green who’s also got strong blue collar support vs. the guy who represents the densest urban district in the state legislature, passed gay marriage, and who also has strong blue collar support. In short, metropolitan liberals with some working class oomph. 

But. Both guys also have red-flag personalities. ...



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