1. The New York Times has an obituary for former House speaker Tom Foley (D-WA, 5), who died as a result of complications from a stroke on Friday.

Foley, the Times writes, "succeeded for a time in making the House a more civil place, winning praise from many Republicans for his fairness." 

2. Speaking of Washington state's Fifth District, current U.S. Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5), vice chair of the house Republican caucus (and 4th in command), tells the Spokesman-Review she's learned her lessons from the federal government shutdown, and that "I do think there were some unrealistic expectations about what could be accomplished by a majority in just one house," the U.S. House of representatives."

McMorris Rodgers, who voted with the rest of Washington's Republican delegation to end the shutdown (one of only three state GOP delegations to go all in to end the shutdown) could face a moderate challenger in next November's election.

McMorris Rodgers' colleague, U.S. Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-WA, 3) broke ranks with the GOP on Tuesday saying the her caucus should "face reality" and end the shutdown. She added that she wouldn't support any "poison pill" amendments like defunding Obamacare.  Ultimately, 87 Republicans voted with the Democrats to reopen the government, while 144 didn't.

3. Seattle kids are asking adults to deal with climate change, already, Earthfix reports—most recently at Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park, where a bunch of junior-high kids recently spoke out against the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

Eleven-year-old Gabriel Mandell and his crew are "part of a growing number of children worldwide who are asking adults and governments to take action to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Earthfix reports. 

4. The Longview Daily News reports that Tacoma coal-train opponents are focusing primarily on the impact coal trains will have on climate change globally, as opposed to the immediate impact to the environment in Washington state.

Of "about 885 people" who showed up to a public meeting on the proposed coal terminal in Longview, about two-thirds were opposed to the proposal, while "a coalition of industry and labor groups say Millennium is planning to follow environmental regulations and bring valuable jobs to the area."

5. Because it's Friday, and because my pal Melissa McEwan at Shakesville has re-posted one of my favorite posts on the Internet, ever—titled "The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck"—I highly recommend that you go to her site and check it out. 

A sample:

No, I don't hate men.

It would, however, be fair to say that I don't easily trust them.

My mistrust is not, as one might expect, primarily a result of the violent acts done on my body, nor the vicious humiliations done to my dignity. It is, instead, born of the multitude of mundane betrayals that mark my every relationship with a man—the casual rape joke, the use of a female slur, the careless demonization of the feminine in everyday conversation, the accusations of overreaction, the eyerolling and exasperated sighs in response to polite requests to please not use misogynist epithets in my presence or to please use non-gendered language ("humankind"). 

Really: Go read the whole thing.



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