Following up on his "I Believe In Seattle" TV spot (which debuted during the Seahawks' appearance on Monday Night Football this week), candidate/Mayor Mike McGinn is tweeting  micro-version outtakes on Instagram that add on to the list of things he believes in. 

This time, pushing his urbanist agenda, he says he believes in "food trucks," "sidewalk cafes," "and yeah ... I believe in bike lanes."

He concludes with the same tag from his ad: "You know what I really believe in? I believe in Seattle."

For good measure, he also notes that he "believes in Russell Wilson."

Another outtake he's tweeting repeats some of the things that he already tagged in the official TV ad like a soda tax to pay for parks, but he adds on that he believes "the answer to public urination is public toilets."

It's a Millenial-savvy play in the last week of the campaign.

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