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By Morning Fizz October 22, 2013

1. It's our regular Tuesday morning fundraising check-in to see how the mayoral candidates did for the week. (Here's last week's fundraising wrap-up, with the challenger, state Sen. Ed Murray, well ahead and here are the most recent cumulative numbers for the whole race—where Murray had a significant lead in both total money raised and cash on hand.)

This week, we zoomed in a little closer to get a momentum check now that we're in the final two-week runup to Election Day, Tuesday, November 5. (Ballots went out in the mail this week.)

Murray beat incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn in total dollars raised once again, though McGinn continued to post better weekly totals than he did earlier in the race and Murray was slightly down from his astronomical $50,000-plus range. Murray brought in $33,870 to McGinn's  $20,792.

Murray brought in $33,870 this past week to McGinn's  $20,792.

The momentum stat: Murray had more donors than McGinn this week, 222 to 166. And both men were relying on mid-range donations this week: The average contribution to Murray was $152 and the average contribution to McGinn was $125.

We didn't notice a lot of surprise donors on the lists this week (Olympia's lead environmental lobbyist, Cliff Traisman, gave another $400 to Murray), but there were a couple of interesting names on McGinn's list: SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb donated to McGinn (the police union has endorsed Murray). And former Seattle state Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney (D-46) broke ranks and went with McGinn over her longtime Olympia colleague, Murray.

It's also interesting when people from local media companies contribute. We haven't seen much of that this year: A saleswoman at KUOW kicked in $125 to McGinn this week.

In other fundraising news: As we reported yesterday, yet another independent expenditure group has gotten involved in the mayor's race. This one, formed by SEIU 775, the health care workers' union that's  gung ho on the minimum wage campaign, and wealthy lefty Nick Hanauer (also hot on the minimum wage issue), is backing Murray. 

2. Speaking of public radio—the final televised mayoral debate is tonight on public TV's KTCS 9. It's being moderated by KCTS host Enrique Cerna and KUOW radio reporter Deborah Wang.

It's airing at 7 pm and will also be streaming live at

3. A couple of (non-mayoral) outtakes from yesterday's Strategies 360 poll showing challenger Ed Murray besting Mayor Mike McGinn by 17 points: 

The survey showed strong support for having the mayor appoint both the school superintendent and the members of the school board (88 percent)—although, oddly, 60 percent said they like the current system, in which the school board picks the superintendent.

Although respondents named jobs (tied with public education at 39 percent) as the most important issue in the race, 73 percent said the Seattle economy was in "good shape." Universal preschool was almost universally popular, with 79 percent saying they support preschool for all on a sliding scale. 

And, no surprise, just 8 percent of those polled were Republicans.


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