In our other lives as editors at SeattleMet magazine, we've been busy working on endorsements. We went pretty far over the 1600 word limit for our mayor's race piece and our editor had to make a number of cuts.

Here's what's gone missing:

"21st Century"

"he's also got the sole endorsement of Planned Parenthood"

"Gay weddings are one thing, irreconcilable ones are another"

"and traffic flow downtown"

"his pro-labor positions have"

"particularly warehouse employees outside Seattle"

"accusing him of failing to represent the city"

"as one of his first acts in office"

"and dismissed downtown visitors' concerns about public safety"

"in the region"

"as budget chair"

"as metro regions emerge"

"has failed and"

"about a future with Murray"

"Not only does"

"but it means"

"who's hot on light rail and bike lanes and density"

"admittedly impressive"

"collaboration and"

"Gay weddings are one thing, irreconcilable ones are another"

"there are other reasons to give"

"the thumbs down"

"where Murray worked when he wasn't in Olympia"

"lost control of the caucus, allowing"

"21st Century"

Our expurgated opus will hit news stands on October 25.




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