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On Other Blogs Today: Small Wages, Big Butts, and More

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By Erica C. Barnett September 13, 2013



1. Sound Progress—the blog that was just launched by the progressive group Puget Sound Sage—has a useful reality check on the supposed SeaTac "minimum wage" initiative, which, they point out, is neither a new citywide minimum nor would it be, as its opponents have claimed, "the highest minimum wage in the nation." 

First, they write, the new $15 minimum would only apply to travel-related businesses (it's focused on hospitality, transportation, and other workers associated with Sea-Tac Airport), not all businesses in the city of SeaTac, and would include exemptions for small businesses. Second, the highest minimum wage in the nation is actually in St. Louis, where airport workers—again, not all workers—have a wage floor of $15.93. 

Not sure if the fact that the proposal would give a special minimum wage to certain workers makes it more or less likely to pass. 

2. Gov. Jay Inslee is taking to the road to make his pitch for a transportation package funded by a gas tax of six to 10 cents, the Everett Herald reports; on Wednesday, he stopped in at the Lynnwood Transit Center.

Invoking similar themes as he did at a press conference earlier this month, Inslee cited the collapsed I-5 bridge across the Skagit River, and said that without funding to maintain the state's transportation system, another 71 bridges will become structurally deficient and some may have to close. 

I've seen what a bridge looks like in the bottom of the river," the Herald quotes Inslee as saying. "We are not going to let that happen across the state of Washington."

3. As part of his ongoing series of interviews with U.S. Reps, Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert sits down with Seattle U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott. Topics: "Big butts," gay marriage, and God.

McDermott is baffled by the Sir Mix-A-Lot reference, telling Colbert, "I'm not quite sure what you're driving at with that question." Colbert: "I"m trying to ascertain in the clearest way possible if you like big butts."

Colbert goes on to use his spoofy right wing talk show logic to spin McDermott's prescient opposition to DOMA as ultimate proof that McDermott is homophobic. 

McDermott gets off some good one-liners of his own, though, putting a nice period on Colbert's goofy anti-gay shenanigans by telling Colbert: "I'm really trying to let you decide who you are."  

The pair also toss around a Pike Place Market salmon in the halls of Congress. 

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