Isn't It Weird That ... Despite Mayor Mike McGinn's stated commitment to improving gender equity in city employment (just last month, he launched a "gender justice initiative" to respond to the fact that female city employees are systematically paid less than male employees), his cabinet includes significantly fewer female members than his predecessor Greg Nickels'? 

Nickels' 24-member cabinet (that is, the department heads who report to the mayor) included 13 women (54 percent) and 11 men. (Updated to respond to McGinn campaign's comment in comments below). 

In contrast, McGinn's 23-member cabinet includes just 7 (30 percent) women and 16 men (70 percent). (McGinn's cabinet is smaller because he eliminated one position, which was incidentally held by a woman, Mary Jean Ryan, the head of Nickels' Office of Policy and Management.)

Put another way, McGinn's cabinet has around half as many women as men.

Of McGinn's 7 female department heads, two were appointed by Nickels, meaning McGinn himself has appointed just 5 women to his 23-member cabinet.

In most cases where McGinn made his own appointments instead of retaining Nickels-appointed department heads, he either appointed a man to replace a man (e.g., Christopher Williams to replace Nickels appointee Ken Bounds as head of parks) or replaced a woman with a man (e.g. Peter Hahn to replace Grace Crunican as head of transportation).

Isn't It Weird That ... With all the hoopla over the planned mixed-use Whole Foods-anchored 370-unit apartment development to replace a gas station, a parking lot, and a funeral home (the development fits with the city's urbanist values, but McGinn opposes because Whole Foods isn't unionized and, McGinn says, doesn't pay "livable" wages), no one seems to have noticed the fact that another national chain, CVS, is coming to Seattle with three car-centric drug store developments, including one right across the street from the controversial Whole Foods development?

The new CVS drug stores include a single-story store across from Whole Foods that could include a drive-thru pharmacy window; a location on Queen Anne that would include a huge new underground parking garage at a major public transit node;  and a new Wallingford CVS with a large surface parking lot smack in the middle of one of the city's most walkable neighborhoods. 

CVS appears to have a mixed union record. The United Food and Commercial Workers union says about 8,300 CVS employees, in 11 states and Washington, D.C., are members. The chain has more than 7,000 stores nationwide.

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