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On other Blogs Today: Inappropriate Behavior, the Weekly's Slow-Motion Meltdown, and More

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May 9, 2013

1. Yeesh. Read this, then take a long, cleansing shower: State Sen. Brian Hatfield (D-19) failed to report that his wife, whom he married last year, caught his teenage son sexually abusing a younger boy; the family's attorney cited the death of Hatfield's first wife, in 2007, among the "catastrophic losses" that contributed to the boy's "inappropriate behavior," the Seattle Times reports.

2. Jim Romenesko interviews Seattle Weekly food critic Hanna Raskin, who announced her resignation this week after the Weekly's new editor changed her job description to include what she called "marketing" and writing press releases.

In the wake of the paper's sale to Little Nickel owner Sound Publishing, Raskin tells Romenesko, "The ownership transition has been extraordinarily difficult: In the past few months, our archives have disappeared; our blogging capabilities have been severely reduced and our newsroom budget has been slashed. I assumed the food section wouldn’t survive unscathed." She adds that she's taken a $16-an-hour job selling used cameras at Walmart. 

3. The Spokesman-Review reports that Washington state is No. 8, at 76 cents a gallon, when it comes to taxes on beer—putting it, among US states, in the company of Southern states like Alabama ($1.05), Tennessee (at $1.17, No. 1), and Georgia ($1.01). The Western state that comes closest to Washington? Utah, at 41 cents a gallon. 

4. Federally appointed police-accountability monitor Merrick Bobb is "troubled" by the fact that, despite the presence of eight police officers, not a single camera recorded a fatal officer-involved shooting at a house in North Seattle in February, KOMO reports. SPD officials say the man, who was 21 at the time of the shooting, had a history of mental illness and was a registered sex offender. 

5. Finally, who needs the National Catholic Reporter when we have the PI.com to keep us up to date on all the latest news about the diocese of Providence, RI and the bishop of Worcester, MA? 

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