Mayoral candidate Tim Burgess fired his campaign spokesman Alex Fryer today.

We have a call in to Burgess (who was in meetings late this afternoon), as well as his campaign manager Emily Walters, but Fryer confirmed the news to PubliCola this afternoon. "I'm no longer employed by the campaign in any manner," Fryer said.

Fryer, who was doing press for Burgess, got paid $2,000 last month according to Burgess' latest campaign finance report, and had gotten about $10,000 total since Burgess started his campaign late last year.

Fryer worked on the successful 2008 light rail campaign and the successful 2011 pro-tunnel campaign; previously, he was a spokesman for then-mayor Greg Nickels and a reporter for the Seattle Times.

Early on in the race, Burgess, a second-term City Council member, was considered a major contender and he's raised the most money to date, but after a few forums, he hasn't emerged as the powerhouse many were expecting.

Shaking up his campaign by getting rid of Fryer is a dramatic move, and is a clear sign that Burgess felt he needed to retool his campaign apparatus.



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