Today’s picks for civic nerds. 

Image: Kim Nelmark

 For Wednesday:

Keys to Camping

As the weather begins to match the season (finally!), learn how to camp properly, including everything from how stay warm to the gear you'll need. Hurry—spots are filling up fast.

Camping Basics, Wed Apr 3, 7–8pm, REI, 7500 166th Ave NE, Redmond, free.

For Tuesday:

How Our Surroundings Sway Us

Did you know that blue lights discourage violent activity because people associate the color with the police? Or that professional cyclists pedal faster when someone’s watching? Learn more about how words, images and interactions affect us. Adam Alter, author of Drunk Tank Pink (a shade sometimes used in prisons to calm inmates), explains it all to you.

Adam Alter: How Unexpected Forces Shape Our Thoughts and Behavior, Tue Apr 2, 7:30–9pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5.

And for Today:

Memorial March

Join fellow Seattleites to pay respect to the two victims of the recent alleged drunk driving tragedy. Bring flowers or food, which will be collected by the University Food Bank. You can also make an online donation to the medical fund for accident survivors Karina and her baby Elias, who was less than two weeks old when multiple DUI offender Mark Mullan ran the four down while they were crossing the street in Northeast Seattle.

Memorial Walk, Mon Apr 1, 4–5pm, Top Pot Doughnuts, 6855 35th Ave NE, donations requested.

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