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Mayoral Forum Quiz!

Test your knowledge of the mayoral candidates. And socialism.

By Sarah Schweppe April 30, 2013


Pictured above are some written answers that Mary Martin, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor, gave in the lightning question round at Monday night’s mayoral candidate forum at South Seattle Community College.

For some reason, we ended up with Martin's answer cards.

The forum included a lightning round Q&A section that consisted of candidates frantically writing down their answers in black magic marker on sketch pads and holding them up for the crowd to cheers or groans.

In the groans department: Asked whether interim SPD Chief Jim Pugel should be disqualified from becoming chief after an embarrassing video tape came to light, state Sen. Ed Murray changed his answer from "Possibly" to "No" (moderator C.R. Douglas playfully accused Murray of peeking at other people's answers). And Bruce Harrell answered with an equivocal "possibly" on whether developers got too sweet a deal from the city in South Lake Union. (Murray also answered "neither" on whether yesterday's verdict from the NBA was good news or bad news.)

But back to socialism!

Martin, 60, who also ran a write-in campaign for mayor with the Socialist Workers Party in 2009 (there were 2,492 votes for all write-in candidates combined), says she is a factory production worker (from an Upton Sinclair novel?) and would not budge from her 1896 talking points all night.

Test your socialist knowledge by trying to discern which Martin responses go with which question from moderator Douglas.

Here’s Martin’s answers and the list of questions. (Hint: She repeated a couple of answers.) 

Mary Martin’s answers:

A. Workers Lose in Bourgeois Elections — NOT OUR TURF
B. Karl Marx, Rosa Luxembourg, Malcolm X, Fidel Castro, workers
C. Coworkers at factory, socialist workers party, picket line participants
D. Same, work + stand with international workers struggle, read the Militant
E. Speaking for + about working class in the vacuum
F. Massive unemployment not effected
G. No
H. None, rep. workers
I. Yes but role of police not changed by any chief
J. Prosecute + jail cops who kill + brutalize working people
K. Workers district apt, W. Seattle
L. Workers need public transportation, cheap gas
M. I called for raise level of political discourse on behalf of working class
N. Expand productive capacity under workers control, electrification for China
O. For a workers + farmers govt, replace capitalism  

1. The best city department and the worst city department?
2. What is your biggest concern about coal trains?
3. Did the city give away too much in South Lake Union?
4. What is your main mode of transportation?
5. Where do you live and what kind of place?
6. Who are your three most trusted advisors?
7. Which endorsement your proudest of (group) and (individual)?
8. Is the NBA news (Sacramento keeping the Kings) good news or bad for Seattle?
9. Which past mayor do you most relate to?
10. Should Jim Pugel be disqualified from being SPD Chief because of the recently released video?
11. Should Seattle pay the police guild chief's salary?
12. Are you a Democrat?
13. Which two candidates will make it through the primary?
14. What will you do after the race if you don’t win?
15. Is the SPD ready for May Day?
16. Does Mike McGinn deserve credit for saving the Fourth of of July?
17. Should Seattle annex White Center, West Hill, or the sliver in South Park?
18. What was your favorite part of the forum?

Answer key: 1/H; 2/N; 3/M; 4/L, 5/K; 6/B; 7/C; 8/F; 9/H; 10/I; 11/J; 12/G; 13/A; 14/D; 15/J; 16/M; 17/O; 18/E

And in non-Militant news, here's some extra credit about the lightning round answers from the more mainstream candidates.

For the question about best and worst city departments, who said, “I love all my departments”?
For the question about coal trains, who said "environmental harm"?
For the question about South Lake Union, who said, “We gave and we got”?
For the question about advisors, who said, “my wife, my wife, my wife”?
For the question about ensdorsements, who said former mayor Norm Rice (individual) and who said Unite HERE (group)?
For the transportation question, who said "Prius and scooter"?
For the question about where they live, who said a house in Seward Park?
For the question about the NBA news, who said it was "good for future jobs and the economy?
For the question about which mayor they identify with, who said "Bertha" [Knight Landes]?
For the Jim Pugel question, who said "No"?
For the police guild question, who said, “Should the public pay a teachers' union leader's salary?”
For the question about who will make it through the primary, who said “Kate and Mike and the No. 5 series”?
For the question about May Day, who said, “Ask Mike”?
For the question about July Fourth, who said, “Thank you, chamber”?

"I love all my departments" — Mike McGinn
"Environmental harm" — Everyone except Mary Martin
"We gave and we got" — Mike McGinn. (Peter Steinbrueck, by the way, said "not enough housing."
"My wife, my wife, my wife." — Charlie Staadecker
Norm Rice — Mike McGinn
Unite HERE (the hotel and restaurant workers union) — Mike McGinn
"Prius and scooter" — Tim Burgess
Seward Park, house — Bruce Harrell
"Good for future jobs, economy" — Peter Steinbrueck
Bertha Knight Landes — Kate Martin
"No" — Mike McGinn
Should the public pay a teachers' union leader's salary? — Smart-aleck answer from PubliCola
Kate and Mike and the No. 5 series—Kate Martin ((both McGinn and Martin live in Greenwood and take the No. 5 bus; Martin was making a play on a "Subway Series" between, say, the Yankees and the Mets)
"Ask Mike." — Tim Burgess
"Thank you, Chamber." Tim Burgess

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