Today’s picks for civic nerds.

For Friday:

Stop the Sugar-Coating

It's no secret that Americans love eating sugar, salt, and fat (unless you're one of the brave currently abstaining for Lent). Learn how companies use those ingredients to lure consumers in and keep them hooked. Michael Moss, the author of Salt Sugar Fat, shares their secrets and what to do about it.

How the Food Industry Hooked Us on Salt, Sugar and Fat, Fri March 15, 7–9:30, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, Seattle, $5.

For Thursday:

Key to Successful Students 

Dr. Denise Pope is an award-winning author and a senior lecturer at Stanford University, so she knows a thing or two about successful study habits. She'll suggest strategies to lower stress at home while working toward college.

Dr. Denise Pope: The Resilient Student, Thu Mar 14, 7–8:30pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, Seattle, $20–$25.

For Wednesday:

Edison's Invention Still Creates Innovation

Was Edison's light bulb a catalyst for the nation's tech transformation? Author Ernest Freeberg sure thinks so, and he'll tell you why by describing how it was created—and the reactions of people who saw it for the first time.

Ernest Freeberg: How Edison's Light Blub Changed Invention—and Us, Wed March 13, 6–7:30, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, Seattle

Made in China? Maybe not.

Will clothes forever bear tags declaring, "Made in China?" Textile and apparel specialist Stacy Flynn will talk about the future of clothing, and how to be a part of a community that buys and supports ecologically and economically sustainable apparel.   

The Future of Clothing: Net Impact Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Wed March 13, 6–9pm, The HUB Seattle, 222 Second Ave, Seattle, free.

Action for Affordable Housing

Rain or shine, grassroots activists against home foreclosures, organized as Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction and the Overpass Light Brigade, will meet up near the I-5 overpass at NE 50th St. to draw attention to the affordable housing crisis facing low-income renters and homeowners in Seattle and across the nation. 

Homes for All: Reclaim. Remain. Rebuild Our Cities, Wed March 13, 5:30–7:30, NE 50th St & Seventh Ave NE, free.

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