PubliCalendar: Backyard Fowl, Democratic Documentaries, and Bikes Everywhere

Today’s picks for civic nerds.

By Anna Chatilo March 8, 2013

Today’s picks for civic nerds. 

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For Sunday:

Backyard Eggs

If you've been wanting to join in the backyard chicken-raising craze, here's your chance to get all the information you need before buying the coop. Whether you want a bird that is more people-friendly or has higher egg production, Diana Ambauen-Meade of Scratch and Peck will answer all your questions.

City Chickens 101, Sun Mar 10, 1–2:30, Sky Nursery, 18526 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, free.

For Saturday:

Antiques Roadshow, MOHAI Style

Museum staff, historians, and collection experts are now at your disposal for questions you've always had about your favorite antiques. They won't appraise your artifacts, but they will certainly help you figure out the story behind them. No firearms or bulky furniture, obviously.

Bring Your Artifact to MOHAI Day, Sat Mar 9, 10–4, MOHAI, 860 Terry Ave N, free with museum admission.

Electronics Begone

Get your grocery shopping and electronics recycling done in one stop. If you still have any Walkman or portable CD players laying around they won't judge (we may), and they'll recycle them the earth-friendly way. A portion of the proceeds go toward Whole Planet Foundation, Whole Foods' microcredit program for communities worldwide.

Electronic Recycling Event, Sat Mar 9, 10–2, Whole Foods, 2001 15th Ave W, Interbay, free.

Bikes, Bikes Everywhere

Bike nerds—gather for the largest consumer bike show in the U.S. There will be more than 250 booths, informative programming, and fun activities for everyone. Kick off the biking season right with new gear and accessories.

Seattle Bicycle Expo, Sat Mar 9 and 10, 9–6, Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, 2001 W Garfield St, Seattle, $10–$12.

And For Today:

Let Your Democratic Flag Fly

Award-winning filmmakers bring stories of employee-owned businesses that stay in the green in today's economy while still providing secure and dignified jobs. Representatives from Seattle co-ops and sustainability groups will join the post-showing discussion.

Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work, Fri Mar 8, 7–9:30, Keystone Congregational Church, 5019 Keystone Pl, Seattle, free.

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