Afternoon Jolt

Since we're on a seriously wonky Jolt jag, here's another Transportation Jolt: King County Metro shakes up service. 

A number of what King County Metro general manager Kevin Desmond is calling "minor changes" are coming to King County Metro bus routes on Saturday, February 16. 

A couple of the more significant changes: 

• In response to rider complaints, Metro will start providing timetables for RapidRide Routes C and D, which serve Ballard and West Seattle—a tacit acknowledgment that the service is neither as rapid nor as reliable as riders expected. (In theory, RapidRide buses are supposed to appear every eight minutes, but—thanks to various decisions Metro made, ironically, partly in response to rider complaints—it isn't much faster than the regular bus routes it replaced).  

Initially, RapidRide didn't publish formal timetables. Instead, like Sound Transit (whose Link Light Rail arrives every seven to 10 minutes), Metro's schedules only identified arrival frequencies during different times of the day. Riders didn't like the lack of specific schedules, so Metro is providing them. With shorter headways, though, it's hard to see how the schedules will be much more reliable than the general guidelines they'll replace. 

• Finally—after years of complaints from a single social service provider—the high-cost, low-ridership Route 42, which parallels both light rail and Metro's Route 8, is going away. 

A list of all the changes that are coming is available on Metro's website 

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