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1. State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), the sponsor and champion of the gay marriage law that goes into effect in grand style just after midnight tonight when gay couples will be able to get marriage licenses at the King County Courthouse in front of the gawking media, won't be in line during the high-profile ceremonies.

Murray says he and his longtime partner Michael Shiosaki will tie the knot next year—likely around the 22nd anniversary of when they met hiking the Carbon Glacier trail at Mt. Rainier.

Murray does have "a major announcement" to make today, though.

He put out a press release this morning saying he "will make a major announcement about whether or not he intends to enter the mayoral race." 

Since being urged to run in 2009 after the race came down to two relative unknowns, now-Mayor Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan, Murray has been considered a likely candidate in 2013.

The event is at Sole Repair on Capitol Hill, in Murray's state senate district.


2. Marvin Rosete, the 11th Legislative District Democrat who's running for chair of the King County Democrats, spoke favorably about Rob McKenna during this year's gubernatorial election.

That could be one reason Democrats are favoring his opponent, Steve Zemke, the current chair of the KC Dems, over Rosete. 

In an email to his colleagues at the Filipino American Political Action Group of Washington last May, Rosete, who recommended a 'No' endorsement in the governor's race (and who says he personally supported Inslee, but was being sensitive to the Republicans in the Filipino commuity) wrote:


This will be odd coming from me... The biggest Party person there is... however.

We have many esteemed brothers and sisters in our ranks that are Republicans.  In the spirit of FAPAGOW's inclusiveness I would be inclined NOT to endorse any gubernatorial candidate.

I concur with Rick that we do need our endorsement process, yet...  I would say, that although the majority of our body is progressive/liberal minded AND prefers Democrat, I don't think our body is, or should be, a rubber stamp.

Like my collegues in Labor, who are also Democrat and progressive minded....  Labor has been known to endorse Republicans because the individual has supported labor strongly - party is secondary.

In my opinion, based on similar criteria (what have the candidates done for Filipinos)... Filipino American Community comes first before ideology.

For example, McKenna has generally been more visible and accessible to Filipinos. McKenna has been supportive of Filipino issues such as on supporting laws supporting Filipino small businesses and as supported anti-Trafficing and Domestic Violence issues .  McKenna has also inducted officers for the Filipino Chamber.  Hopefully, Jay had passed the veterans bill and his visibility is minimal.

We need a harder look.  As party person, you know where I fall, but I think we need to find questions to ask these men who will support the largest Asian American group in Washington.





3. The King County Council voted down two proposals this week that would have allowed development beyond the current Urban Growth Areas dictated by the Growth Management Act.

One proposal would have allowed developers to buy up and redevelop rural homes into condos in protected land in Sammamish and another would have allowed big box retail (like Walmart) beyond the UGA boundaries outside Snoqualmie.

Big winners? The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21, who testified against the Snoqualmie big box development idea because they didn't want a nonunion Walmart in the area.

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