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On Other Blogs Today: Patty Murray, Skinny Houses, and the Arena

By Erica C. Barnett November 16, 2012


Image via PattyMurray.com.

1. So much for our own little Watergate: The Seattle Times reports that police now say the election-eve break-in at Seattle's Democratic Party headquarters was a "routine burglary," despite the fact that the burglars left a lot of expensive computer equipment (and booze) behind. 

2. The News Tribune reports that Senator Patty Murray, who's in line to head the Senate Budget Committee as it seeks to avoid the "fiscal cliff," will have to give up her seat as head of the Veterans Affairs Committee. Murray, whose father served in World War II, has been on the veterans committee for 18 years, and has served as chairwoman for the last two. 

3. Joel Connelly at the PI.com has an interview with Murray, where she says she won't accept any tax agreement with the Republicans that does not include an increase in revenue—i.e., letting the Bush-era tax cuts on the highest-income Americans expire.

4. Seattle Transit Blog has a longer write-up of this week's City Hall meeting on small-lot development  (basically, small lots that are part of other lots but can be developed separately under rules dating back to 1957). Earlier this year, the city passed emergency legislation preventing developers from building on small lots.

STB's compromise solution: Go ahead and restrict the height and square footage of homes on small lots, but also get rid of minimum lot sizes entirely, eliminate front lawn requirements, eliminate minimum parking requirements, and restrict the height and square footage of homes on small lots.

Sadly, given the current makeup of the city council, I can see them agreeing to the first suggestion (restricting small-lot development) while delaying the other three indefinitely under pressure from residents complaining that the changes will ruin the traditional "character" of their single-family neighborhoods.

5. KING 5 has images of the first conceptual designs for the proposed new arena, which San Francisco hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen just released. They look like, well, an arena


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