1. The latest batch of polls show Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee leading Republican Rob McKenna; in one poll Inslee leads by three points, in the other by one point.

Meanwhile, Democratic AG candidate Bob Ferguson is polling ahead of Republican Reagan Dunn by a double-digit margin.

Among the initiatives, gay marriage (R-74) still leads, but by a smaller margin than previous polls; I-1185, Tim Eyman's rule requiring a two-thirds vote to raise taxes, is slightly down, but holding steady at well above 50 percent; and I-502, pot legalization, has a strong lead.

KCTS poll here; KING 5 poll here.

2. Republican congressional candidate John Koster, running against Democrat Suzan DelBene in the race for the newly redrawn 1st Congressional District, yesterday dismissed rape as "the rape thing" and said that women who become pregnant "as a consequence" should have to bring the pregnancy to term—no exceptions. Today, the story went national.

Here's one of my favorite follow-up posts about it, from Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, who writes, 

[Koster equates] getting raped with seeking abortion with this 'putting more violence onto a woman’s body' nonsense. That the former is, by definition, something a woman didn’t want and the latter is something she actively sought out doesn’t even surface as a concern in his thinking. What women want and don’t want is simply not part of his equation.

3. The Everett Herald reports that Koster defended himself in a statement by saying he worked hard to lock up violent sex offenders as a Snohomish County Council member—a comment that, by ignoring nonviolent rapes, veers straight into "legitimate rape" territory.

Seems like it was a failed gig altoghether. Not only does McMorris Rodgers seem to be locking down the spot, but this was the same fundraiser where Koster made his "rape thing" comments.

4. Politico reports that US Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the conservative Eastern Washington Republican, is close to locking down the chairmanship of the US House Republican Conference against Georgia Rep. Tom Price. (Price, as we noted when we reported on GOP intramural in Fizz last week, had a fundraiser last week at O'Donnell's Restaurant in Everett for Koster, evidently trying to woo Koster's support.)

Seems like it was a failed gig altogether. Not only does McMorris Rodgers seem to be locking down the spot, but this was the same fundraiser where Koster made his now infamous "rape thing" comments.

McMorris Rodgers, who as vice chair of the conference is already the highest ranking woman in the national Republican Party, will "cement her place as the party's most visible woman" if she succeeds, Politico says.

In September alone, she visited more than 30 Congressional districts and raised nearly a million dollars for the party.  

5. Finally, citing climate change and Hurrican Sandy, the New York Times reports that New York's Republican-turned-independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endorsed President Obama

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