1. The Seattle Times reports that we won't know the results in Washington's big races on Tuesday night.

2. The AP has a polling and funding roundup in Washington's big races—the governor's race and the gay marriage measure.

3. Want to drop off your ballot at one of King County's 24-hour drop boxes? If you live north of the Ship Canal, you have three options; but if you're in any part of Southeast Seattle, you're out of luck. And West Seattle has just one mobile location with limited hours.

Beacon Hill Blog reports on King County's disparate drop-off distribution. 

4. Seattle Transit Blog's Ben Schiendelman—an advocate for the mayor's Eastlake trolley proposal, but also an all-around sustainability and transit supporter—has a piece today arguing for creating "stepping stones" (like Link Light rail, better bike infrastructure, funding for farmers' markets, and so forth) toward a more sustainable future that I strongly suggest checking out, whether you like streetcars or not

5.  For a competing perspective, here's the Puget Sound Business Journal's take on why electric cars may not be "feasible for city dwellers"—mostly because of a chicken-and-egg lack of charging infrastructure.) 

6. 24/7 Wall Street, via the Economic Opportunity Institute, says Washington State  has the fifth-largest pay gap between men and women in the nation, with professional and management positions, for example, paying $22,487 than for men—nearly $10,000 higher for the national pay gap in that industry.

7. The Wall Street Journal reports that while no one really knows yet what it will cost to repair New York's flooded, 100-year-old subway system, the figure could end up topping $80 billion.

Just one more thing to think about if you haven't cast your ballot in the Presidential election yet: While President Obama thinks the federal government should be investing in infrastructure, Mitt Romney wants to devolve that authority to cash-strapped state and local governments.