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On Other Blogs: (Mostly) All-Election Edition

By Erica C. Barnett November 6, 2012


1. Don't get too excited, people: The Inslee/McKenna race for governor could drag on for several days or longer, as late ballots arrive at polling sites and are counted, the Seattle Times reports. 

2. Don't get too excited, part 2: The New Yorker offers several theories about how the election could still go to Romney.

3. Don't get too excited, part 3: The race for the open 1st Congressional District seat, between Democrat Suzan DelBene and Tea Party Republican John Koster, remains "the state's closest congressional race" as voters turn in the final ballots. 

4. The state Democratic Party headquarters got burglarized last night. Well, that's according to the Seattle PI and every other outlet that reported on the burglary, except one.

If you read the Seattle Times, you'll learn instead that the "Democrat Party" headquarters got robbed, with three repetitions of the inaccurate phrase—the preferred nomenclature of Republicans, who hate using the term "Democratic" to describe their rivals—in the Times' 130-word story. They also quote the "State Democrats Communications Director" by his first name, for good measure.

5. And in non-election news (there is such a thing?) the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that developable land is more expensive than before the recession—meaning apartment prices are likely to skyrocket as well.   

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