Is McKenna Still a Dan Evans Republican?

By Josh Feit November 1, 2012

Washington United for Marriage announced today that former Washington State Republican Governor Dan Evans has endorsed R-74, the pro-gay marriage measure.

Evans, who turned 87 this month,  is the iconic moderate Republican that many independent-minded voters in this state long for (he was a three-term governor serving between 1965-1977 and a U.S. senator  between1983-89.)

The campaign quoted Evans saying:

As a Republican, I believe strongly in individual liberty and freedom. So, for me, approving Referendum 74, supporting our bipartisan marriage law, and giving everyone the freedom to marry the person they love, just seems right and reflects the fundamental value of fairness that we treasure here in Washington.

Evans' statement directly answers a question we posed last year when Republican AG Rob McKenna, who prides himself on being a moderate, declared his candidacy for governor. We ran a post titled: "Is McKenna Really a Dan Evans Repbulican?" The post focused on social issues.

At the time, we pointed out the McKenna was out of step with Washington voters on choice and gay rights. Today, it looks like McKenna—who says he's voting against R-74—is out of step with Evans.

Evans has, as one Cola reader pointed out, endorsed McKenna, though. 

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