2012 Election

Republican State Rep Takes Pro-Gay Marriage Testimony to Airwaves

By Josh Feit October 8, 2012

Last February 8, when the state house of representatives passed legislation legalizing gay marriage, Afternoon Jolt yawned on the one hand, writing this: "Passing gay marriage is a big deal, but more importantly, it isn’t (55-43 with two Republicans voting yea). So we’re giving today’s vote a non-jolt: Marriage equality, though obviously historic, is many years overdue."

Our jaded sensibility aside, we went on to say this: "What does deserve a jolt is the speech that Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh (R-16, Walla Walla) gave."

You'll remember that Walsh's amazing speech —a heartfelt civil rights history lesson to her fellow Republicans and a shout-out to her own lesbian daughter—quickly went viral.

And now: She's the star of the latest pro-gay marriage TV ad, with this knock-out closing line, "As a Republican, I don't believe the government should tell anybody who they can or cannot marry."

A new KING 5 poll has the pro-gay marriage measure, R-74, ahead, 55-40.

The pro-gay marriage campaign is also far ahead in fundraising, having raised  $8.5 million with  $6.3 million on hand. Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos contributed $2.5 million.

The anti-gay marriage campaign has raised $1.1 million with about $800,000 cash on hand. Their big backer, the Washington D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage, has contributed $260,000—a lot of money, but hardly the kind of hardcore backing NOM is known for.

They also bailed on their promise to spend money against pro-gay marriage Republicans like Walsh.
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