Arts blog Culture Fiend gave a thumbs-up to the single “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The track, released in support of Music for Marriage Equality, is available on iTunes and Amazon—and offers a promising preview of the duo’s debut album, The Heist. Meanwhile, Sauced reported on another campaign, Restore the R. Rainier Beer company is recruiting the public to help illuminate the brewery’s iconic 258-lightbulb sign for when the Museum of History and Industry reopens in December. You accept one of the challenges (our favorite: take a bath in Rainier), upload proof you did it, and on goes one of the lightbulbs. Shop Talk had tweeters talking after touring downtown’s new City Target, which features everything from cabbage to iPads. And Nosh Pit wondered whether family-friendly restaurants encourage parents to slack off on their duties, asking, Does the situation create hell for the kid-free? The consensus among readers: Yes.

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