Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna's blog is pushing a homophobic and inaccurate (and standard) talking point about the gay "lifestyle."

In a post on his campaign blog titled "What do Real Women Think of Rob"—yet another attempt to strengthen McKenna's standing with female voters—a McKenna supporter writes (and I've bolded the alarmist red herring):

The women’s main concerns were education and the economy, and all strongly support McKenna’s stand on funding education, cutting waste and creating jobs. They know he has a record of helping women on issues like equal opportunity, protecting children and preventing domestic violence. They don’t want free stuff, nor do they want their children being taught alternate lifestyles by strangers. They care about values like personal responsibility, character, and perseverance.

That's the McKenna campaign reaching deep into the scare tactics of the far right.—State Sen. Ed MurrayWe have a call out to the McKenna campaign to find out what the line is a reference to. McKenna is against R-74, the gay marriage initiative.

State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle), the sponsor of the gay marriage legislation, says the only thing the state has done around K-12 regarding "alternate lifestyles" is to pass an anti-bullying bill in 2011 that said "minority students shouldn't get beat up ... if that's teaching an 'alternate lifestyle,' that [McKenna supporter] doesn't have good values. That's the McKenna campaign reaching deep into the scare tactics of the far right."

Murray went on to challenge McKenna's claims to support R-71, domestic partnerships. (McKenna says he voted against the 2009 attempt to repeal the state's domestic partner laws.)

Murray says McKenna was MIA throughout his efforts to pass that series of bills. "He was not for domestic partnerships. You will not find anywhere any verbal or legislative support to pass domestic partnerships from his office."

Is that the AG's role? "We didn't have to ask the last AG [Chris Gregoire] to support our anti-bullying bill. She helped us pass it," Murray says.

UPDATE: The McKenna campaign blog post has been taken down. I have called them to ask why.

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