Yoshitani's Outside Gig Would Violate Congressional Rules

By Josh Feit September 7, 2012

There's a timely editorial in today's New York Times about secondary gigs for public officials. It's not exactly synonymous with the current controversy at the Port of Seattle over Port CEO Tay Yoshitani's side position as a board member for private shipping logistics company Expediters International because it concerns part-time state legislators in New York and their private sector jobs.

But the editorial does note an ethics rule that governs members of Congress: "Members of Congress are prohibited from earning outside income above 15 percent of their yearly Congressional salaries, and from serving as officers or board members for compensation."

Yoshitani's Expediters' gig is worth $230,000 a year—$30,000-a-year pay, $200,000 annually in stock, and $1,000 per-diem for meetings. His Port pay is $367,000.

That means his outside income is 62 percent of his yearly salary, much greater than the 15 percent limit for members of Congress.
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