In an interview with the Puget Sound Business Journal, embattled Port CEO Tay Yoshitani repeats his earlier statements to KING 5 TV that his side gig as a board member with shipping logistics company Expeditors International doesn't violate his contract, and in fact, was anticipated by language he intentionally put in the contract to accommodate his plans to make such a move.

However he adds a curve ball to the whole drama, noting that he could take legal action against the Port if they force him to resign from the Expediters' board.

The PSBJ writes:
"I report to the commission, I serve at the will of the commission —what’s important is that I do report to the full commission as a body; I don’t report to any individual commissioners,” Yoshitani said. “When the commissioners have the opportunity to meet among themselves and decide on a position they want to take as a board, they’ll share that with me and I’ll review my options at that point.”

And would he take legal action if the port commission threatened his job despite his contract?

“I haven’t decided,” he said. “Obviously that’s an option. I’m really hopeful we can work this out in an amicable way."
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